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International Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex)


Credit cards are popular with consumers because of the function of credit (prepaid - postpaid) and are accepted at almost Online / Offline stores worldwide. According to the Bank Card Association, credit card payment accounted for 76% total card payment at POS and e-commerce in Vietnam in 2017, so this is the largest payment getway and can not be missed in online business.

NgânLượ is the general agent accepting payment of Vietnam by the largest card issuers in the world including Visa, Mastercard JCB and Amex, with many outstanding advantages:

  • Online integration, complete within 1 hour
  • Receive money immediately into E-wallet
  • Don't require deposit (except for some high risk Merchants)
  • Free integration, no monthly maintenance fee
  • Support for all credit cards issued by Banks in Vietnam (overseas cards refer
  • Integrated security system, minimizes the risk of chargeback
  • No PCI-DSS certified IT system.

Note: Customer's credit card must activate online payment function before use.

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