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App Mobile Banking (VNQR)


Now it's the era of smartphone, most banks in Vietnam are actively developing Mobile Banking applications which allow customers to access banking services anytime, anywhere via their smart phones. Especially, after the success of Alepay and Wechat e-wallets in China, banks are focusing on developing QR-Code scanning on Mobile Banking application to pay when shopping online (Website) or Offline (Mobile App). is one of the first online payment getways in Vietnam to support payment via Mobile Banking. This payment solution uses the QR code of +15 banks and the number of banks is increasing. Integrate online payment gateway via QR-Pay Mobile Banking to receive many benefits:

  • Customers do not need to enter card information when making payment
  • Access to millions of audiences who are using the Mobile Banking application
  • The transaction is completed in a moment after customers scan QR code by Mobile Banking application
  • Don't require deposit (except for some high risk Merchants).
  • Free integration, no monthly maintenance fee.

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