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Dosmetic ATM Card


According to the State Bank,until June 2018, Vietnam had 72.7 million personal accounts with 96.59 million ATM cards are active for 43.2 million people, accounting for over 60% of the population in the age over 15. According to the Bank Card Association, The number of Local ATM cards accounted for 88% of all Bank Cards are active in Vietnam in 2017, so this is the most popular and necessary payment solution with online bussiness. is online payment solution which supports most banks in Vietnam and connect directly, this saves maximum costs to Merchant and provides the fastest & safest transaction experience for the customer: Customers enter the ATM card number and OTP verification code on the merchant's Website or Mobile App to complete the transactions in a few seconds.

Integrated online payment solutions via ATM CARDS & LOCAL BANKS to receive many benefits:

  • Online integrated, complete by 1 hour.
  • Receive money immediately into E-wallet
  • Don't require deposit (except for some high risk Merchants).
  • Free integration, no monthly maintenance fee.

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