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Bank Transfer


Bank transfer is the second popular solution in e-commerce transaction in Vietnam (after CoD). This solution is preferred by most sellers because they receive the money immediately. However, It's inconvenient to buyer because of managing too many bank accounts. has developed the bank transfer solution for AUTOMATION to manage payment by bank transfer to Merchant. This solution has the only connection and many benefits:

  • Merchant just registers the e-wallet and integrates Ngan Luong payment gateway to accept the bank transfer payments of the popular banks.
  • Customers can choose Bank Transfer Online (with some banks supporting Internet Banking) or normal Bank Transfer by traditional method (Transfer at the counter, transfer at ATM).

    - With the Bank Transfer Online method, as soon as the customer completes Internet banking transfer, Ngan Luong will announce the successful transaction within 10-20 seconds. Customers will experience services like regular online payment.

    - With normal transfer method (at the counter, ATM) to Ngan Luong Intermediate Payment Gateway Joint Stock Company's collection account, customers need to send a notification message to complete the service immediately.

  • Payment amount is credited to e-wallet of Merchant, and NganLuong reach API to Merchant application to transfer status of transaction.

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