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INSTANT Bank Transfer


According to the E-Commerce Report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the second popular payment method (after CoD money delivery) in E-commerce transaction in Vietnam is the BANK TRANSFER, preferred by Sellers because psychology and habit of "giving money - receiving goods". However, managing too many bank accounts and regularly checking manually leads many inconveniences to buyers and delays for sellers.

Therefore, has developed a INSTANT Bank Transfer payment to manage automatic payments by Merchant transfer with a single connection, which brings many benefits:

  • Customers can choose Bank transfer immediately (with some banks supporting Internet Banking) or Normal transfer by traditional method (Transfer over the counter).

  • In order to complete checkouts, customers select INSTANT Bank Transfer option, using Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or at Bank counter to transer to the Bank account of

  • The payment amount is credited to the Merchant's e-wallet, while NganLuong calls the API to Merchant's application to transfer the transaction status.

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