Article 1: Note before using
1.1. Overview:

User Agreement ( "the Agreement") is understood as a contract between you and JSC Bank Amount (legal entity managing online payment gateway at, the following may be referred to as ""), which apply when you use the services of (hereinafter referred to as "use").

b) You must read and agree with all the provisions of this Agreement before using If you disagree with any provision then you should not use Once used (Following successful registration account or use without registering an account), it means you have voluntarily agreed with all the provisions of this Agreement.

c) The agreement consists of fourteen (14) Article. The major and minor titles in this Agreement are for reference only and not limiting the scope of each item.

1.2. Edited:

a) can modify this Agreement's content at any time.

b) All changes in the agreement will be announced on the website prior to the applicable time (effective date) at at least fourteen (14) days.

c) If you disagree with the changes, you may cease to use, or submit a written objection to before the effective date. Conversely, if no action is taken, it means you agree with the content changed.

d) In case does not accept your written objection, your collabration with is automatically terminated on the effective date.

e) This agreement's most recent amendment is made on 01/10/2012.

Article 2: Relationship of the parties
2.1. The role of

a) Through website, provide e-wallet service to keep Viet nam dong for Buyers and Sellers using use. Based on the grounds of the amount held in custody there, guarantee for the immediate transfer of payments by the Buyer to Seller.

b) Currency: The currency specified in your account opened at is VND. You may request Nganluong to pay money (available balance) in your account at any time through the "Withdrawal" button.

c) When a customer transfer money for safe-keeping at, then: at the time received money, will add to the account of the Customer an amount equal the amount that received by the ratio of 1: 1 (Minus the fees that customers pay, if any).

2.2. Your personal information: always seriously Protect Your Personal Informations. See the privacy policy to better understand our commitment to protect your informations as well as using and sharing informations when needed.

2.3. Information of the other parties:

If you receive other information about our customers when using, You must keep those informations confidential and may not disclose or distribute to others or use it for marketing purposes unless with the consent of that person.

2.4. Intellectual property rights and security Safety:

Your commitment:

a) To respect intellectual property rights of and other products or services of; not arbitrarily change our names, pictures, buttons and related components to brand products of anywhere.

b) To cooperate and provide information requested by during the investigation in cases of suspected unlawful, fraudulent or in violation of the provisions of

c) To comply with the safety instructions of, self-security accounts and is responsible for the occurrence of loss due to leakage of information from your side.

2.5. Transfer:

Without the written consent of, You may not transfer any rights and obligations that you have agreed in this Agreement. reserves the right to assign, or any right or obligation stated in this agreement at any given time.

2.6. Notice to You:

a) You agree that can send a notification to you by a notice on the website or send email to email address which you have provided. You will get the message / e-mail from us within twenty-four hours after we put information on the website.

b) If these notifications are sent via email, we default You will receive after two following (02) working days from the time the message was sent.

c) You can limit the requirement to share information via email by contacting under our contact information in paragraph 2.8 of Article 2 of this Agreement. However, can close your account if you cancel the function to receive information from us.

2.7. Contact Us to You:

By providing phone numbers (mobile and / or fixed) when using, You agree to allow to send you SMS / MMS or call to your phone number to referral, counsel, support, inform or to promote

2.8. Contact information of

In addition to the direct contact to our support department which posted on the website, you can contact or send documents to the following address:

- Ngan Luong Intermediate Payment Gateway Joint Stock Company
- Address:
+ Ha Noi : 3rd Floor, Building 18 Tam Trinh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.
+ Ho Chi Minh : Floor 6th,Sumikura Building - 18H Cong Hoa str., ward 4, Tan Binh dist.
- Hotline: 1900-5858-99
- Email:

Article 3: Accounts 3.1. Concept:

- give each person or entity registering the account and using (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) a membership account (hereinafter referred to as "Nganluong Account" or " Account").

- Each account is owned by a client through the correspondence of: full name, identity card number / Passport / business Registration, legal e-mail address and mobile phone number of Customer provided when creating your account with,One phone number is only used by and belong to one customer.

- Customers must bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the information registered or modified on the system of

3.2. Types of accounts:

On system, there are two (02) types of accounts, including:

- Ngan Luong Account for Individual (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Account")
- Ngan Luong Account for business (hereinafter referred to as "Business Account").Customers can own both a personal account and a business account

3.3. Open an account:

To register an account you need a normally operating email address, then visit the website, select Account Registration and fill in your information, take steps under the guidance of After completing a successful registration, you will have an account on the system and can use NganLuong account immediately.

3.4. Close account:

a) Your Rights: You can close your account by logging in your account and send request as instructed so that we can close your account for you.

b) Limitations:
- You should not close the account when your Account is being under investigation / complaint, or is on pending transfer or receive state.
- If you still recommend closing your account in this case, will detain and / or freeze the full amount you have in your account and all the money is on pending relating to your account at the time you send a request to close the account.
- Custody and / or freezed time can be up to one hundred and eighty (180) days to ensure safety for or other third parties.
- You will be responsible for all legal matters related to your account even if the account is closed.

c) The right to close accounts of
- If you violate the commitment to use the service (eg use stolen credit card or bank account to recharge, fraud in the purchase / sale of goods and buy / sell consumer goods banned in Vietnam ...) has right to close your accounts and detain you entire account balance and all the amount of your transactions in pending state.
- If you can not respond within one hundred eighty (180) days from the moment of your account is closed for reasons said in this section, your detained amount will be transferred to Risk Provision fund of, and then you can not require to reimburse that amount and has no obligation to refund the money to you.

Article 4: Transfer money
4.1. Your rights:

You can transfer money from your account to another person's account to pay goods / services bills, or can also direct money without invoices (eg weddings donation , or transfer money to friends / relatives in far away ...)

4.2. Limit transfers

a) To control risk, can set a limit of the amount transfered of each account. You can find this limit by logging in your account NganLuong. If Your account has been authenticated and valid, we can increase or remove the transfering limit for you.

b) When you make a Money Transfer transaction, in some cases, we will tell you that the transaction has higher risk than normal (for example you transfer money to a stranger and it is not the custody payment transactions). This does not mean that all transactions are at risk. It just alert that your transaction can be risky, you can choose to continue transaction with a number of available optipns.

4.3. Refuse the transaction:

When you transfer money to another account, the person you sent money (The recipient) are not required to receive. You agree that you will be legally responsible rather than for any decision from the recipient refusing to accept the money.

Article 5: Receive Money
5.1. Limit:

Through the email address registered with, an account has the right to receive an unlimited amount of money transferred in a legal way. Illegal or illicit originated money will be reviewed and may be frozen /on hold.

5.2. Recovery or refund:

a) When you receive a payment (Your account will receive an amount of VND corresponds to the value of the transaction from one account to another), you have the responsibility to ensure for all payments (including some charges listed in Article 8 of this agreement) if you have to refund or compensate money to the buyer. You agree to allow to refund or compensate by debiting to your account, if the balance in your account at that time is not enough to pay, you must reimburse NganLuong .vn through other methods as prescribed by

b) You can return the amount received from another account delivered to you in case you do not agree or do not want to conduct transactions with account transfers for you. The refund should be made as soon as possible within a reasonable period of time (but not more than 1 month) through the "Refund" (if the transaction has been completed) or Decline functions (if assigned translation is on hold) at the detailed page of the corresponding transaction.

5.3. Commitment of the Sales:

If you are a sales person, you commit

a) DO NOT put limits on money amount for payment via

b) DO NOT ask Buyer to provide personal financial information such as bank account, credit card numbers, passwords, log in password...

c) DO NOT ask Buyer to pay additional cost when doing transaction via

d) Value of payment must include full and valid charges if any (transportation fee, services fee ...) and taxes according to the law.

e) DO NOT send the payment request has been withdrawn (Charge Back).

f) Provide Buyer with the return / exchange policy and warranty in a clear and logical way, give the A Party content of such policies when required and be responsible for notifications whenever there is a change or update.

5.4. Serving customers:

When you receive a message and / or email notified by on transfers / payments, you shall check by logging into your "Transaction History" of the receiving account, you have to send goods or perform services for the Purchase in accordance with the quality and duration committed in the sale description as well as saving the valid documents such as sales invoices or signed delivery bill, carrier's bill of lading etc .. in case of complaints.

5.5. Complain:

In case of having received money from the buyer, but the buyer subsequently complain that you do not make transactions in earnest (not shipping to the buyer, the buyer does not receive the goods after the time you commited, or goods have large difference compared with description), Nganluongshall have the right to freeze amount received in your account to verify and process. Meanwhile, complaints will be dealt with under Regulation & Complaints handling insurance policy transactions of

5.6. Payment transaction verification:

Is active when checks transactions which have signs of fraud. If a money transfer is in the state of Investigation, will process and sent notice to the seller to stop the shipment. will guide and remove or freeze or cancel the transaction, notify the seller to refund buyer or hold buyer's money for verification.

Article 6: Withdrawal
6.1. Limit

a) You can withdraw money in your account opened at This can be done by logging into your account and perform NganLuong Withdrawal request under the guidance of When you withdraw money from the account NganLuong, you may have to pay fee under the provisions of Article 8 of this agreement.

b) You can withdraw money by asking transfer money from your account opened at

Into your bank account, or

You can come directly to the office of to receive cash.

6.2. Limit:

Based on your account status (authenticated or not authenticated), account type (business or personal) and the method you choose to Withdraw (Transfer funds into your bank account or receive cash at office), we will provide limits on the amount to be withdrawn. You can refer to this provision when logging into your account.

6.3. Processing time:

Except for cases of force majeure (defined in Article 12 of this Agreement), will solve your withdrawal request since you submit a withdrawal request in accordance with guidelines and regulations of NganLuong. VN as follows (Applies to the amounts of money said it was legally sourced and you must be the owner of that NganLuong valid account):

a) For the request to withdraw the money into bank account: will review payment order to your bank account for a period of one (01) hours to a maximum of twelve (12) working hours.

Note:: The time you get money (reported in the bank account) will depend on the processing time bank transfers money from the bank account of the Company Bank Amount to your bank account.

b) For the request to withdraw cash at the office of Your request will be reviewed within a maximum of four (04) working hours. After the request is approved, you can get to the office to receive cash (You must comply with the provisions on withdrawal of within a maximum period of thirty (30) working days. Beyond this period, you are not allowed to receive money, will transfer that amount to risk provision fund and you will not get back that amount.

6.4. The limited circumstances:

You will not withdraw money or to wait longer processing time specified in paragraph 6.3 of this agreement in the following cases:

a) Your account is blocked

b) Your account is subject to a claim, or has grounds to suspect that the money in your account is not lawful origin

c) You have misrepresented bank account

Article 7: Recharge
7.1. Limit

a) You can deposit money to your account by logging into NganLuong your account website, select Recharge in the tab Transaction recharge under the guidance of NganLuong .VN. When Recharge transaction, you may have to pay under the provisions of Article 8 of this Agreement.

b) Information on the recharge channels NganLuong, you can see detailed instructions here

7.2. Processing time:

Depending on the method you use to deposit money, will credit balances corresponding to your recharge transaction (minus transaction fees, if any) on your account at Specific regulations on the processing time for each method, please refer here.

7.3. Limited circumstances:

You do not have to deposit into your account (or if you try to load is the amount that can be frozen / custody by at any given time) in case the amount you transfer to to recharge has illegal origin, for example, transfer money from stolen credit card or international debit card …

Article 8:

Service Fees: In order to maintain operations and ongoing upgrades, charge a transaction fee for reinvestment. Here is the schedule of fees for the current transaction type:

Transaction method

Fee/ Transaction


Deposit (1)


>= 50.000 (VND)

Transfer money (2)

1.000 (VND) + 1%

>= 2.000 (VND)


as Bank fee

>= 100.000 (VND)


(1): The amount you receive in your account can be smaller than the amount you actually send if you use forms of transactions through e-banking, because then you will have to pay a transaction fee for banks.

(2): The recipient will pay fee for this transaction.

(3): The amount you receive can be smaller than the amount of your withdrawal request if you use forms of transactions through e-bank to withdraw money, because then you will have to pay a transaction fee for banks.

Article 9: Transaction Insurance policy: principles and objectives is the facilitation and security in payment process for e-commerce transactions, under which Salers is the service beneficiaries receiving money online and Buyers usually pay in advance before receiving the goods so Buyers are tent to have more risks. Therefore build up transaction Insurance Policy and Regulation on Procedures for receiving and handling complaints procedures to protect the buyers and sellers to avoid risks when participating in e-commerce transactions. When using you must comply with the regulations and policies. Detailed information about the policy and regulations, be sure to read here.

Article 10: Your responsibilities and Rights of
10.1. Your Responsibility

a) When using you will always be responsible for all transactions derived from your account. You may have to compensate for and / or other users or third parties involved if you breach this Agreement or if your users cause damage to, for the other users or third parties involved.

b) In the case debited from your account to reimburse money to another account, if your account balance at the time of the transaction was not enough, can record your account and you will be require to Recharge to compensate for the amount has been recorded. If you do not do so on time, may sue you to court according to the provisions of Vietnam's laws.

10.2. Rights of

If no reason to believe that you violated the restricted activity, will do as much to protect, and or other users or third parties involved. The actions we may perform include (but are not limited to these actions):

a) may close, suspend, or limit your access to your account or the service;

b) can contact sellers / buyers that your transaction, contact your bank, with other users or contacts to third parties to pay attention to the warning or action yours;

c) may have incorrect information because that information provided by you to

d) At any time, may also refuse to provide services to you;

e) can temporarily hold / freeze your funds within one hundred eighty (180) days if necessary to prevent risks that may occur.

f) If you have a complaint, dispute, claim a refund ... can temporarily hold / freeze the funds in your account until the matter is resolved according to the provisions of this agreement ;

g) can use the provisions of the Laws of the Republic of socialist Vietnam to apply to you.

Article 11:
11.1. Errors and crashes. Error or invalid transaction detection:

You can check your transaction history on your account at any time by logging into your account at the website and access in Transaction Management item. If you have reason to believe that your account has problem, report it immediately to when:

a) There is notice incorrect transactions

b) There is an invalid transaction is sent to your account

c) There is invalid access to your account

d) Password is leaked or you lose your mobile phone number registered to receive a password from

e) Someone transfers money by your account or use your account to pay without your permission (this is called "Use of unauthorized account").

11.2. Error message or transaction invalid / accurate to

Notification to if you believe that your transaction has an error / incident or transaction invalid / correct in your account, please use one of the contact methods to NganLuong .vn as follows:

a) Call to customer support number: 1900-5858-99

b) Send Complaints to the email address:

c) Contact support staff

d) Go to the office of

You must send a notice to within twenty four hours of work since you discovered the error or malfunction.

11.3. Review and process your notice: will notice the results of the investigation on this case within ten (10) working days after receiving notice your (or 20 working days for the transaction has been completed) . If the fault belongs to the - We will fix immediately. However when more time is needed, can be used to ninety (90) days to review the complaint for the transaction has been completed or outside Vietnam

11.4. Handling Errors and Limits

a) If detect faulty transaction process from, we will fix the problem. If an error occurs that results is the amount you receive is less than the actual transaction amount, we will pay you compensation. If an error occurs, and you get more than the actual amount, we will subtract the excess amount from your account

b) If an error occurs, and the result is The transaction is not done or the wrong amount, will be responsible for the damages that you incur, except in the following cases:

i. Not due to errors caused

ii. Balance your account NganLuong not have enough money to carry out transactions.

iii. system is not working well and you "know" about this when conducting transactions.

In case of force majeure as referred to in Article 12 of this Agreement.

Article 12: In case of force majeure are entitled to exemption from all responsibility in the implementation of this Agreement in the event hampered or prevented by fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster, strike, strike , war, riot, or any similar circumstances beyond the control of If unable to perform duties to you because of any of the above or similar events, will try to send you notifications about events that happened and our actions .

Article 13: limited action

When using you will not:

a) Violate this agreement and / or all of the policies / regulations that you have agreed with

b) Violate copyright, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right of and relevant third parties;

c) Sell counterfeit goods, illegal goods;

d) act in nature to discredit, defamatory, libelous, threatening or harassing

f)Send or receiving money under which is illegal or could be called "black money"

g) Refuse to cooperate with the investigation, or not providing information requested by

h) To manage an account connected to another account violated one of the actions in this section is limited.

i) Use of services way to intentionally create disputes, complaints and claims.

j) Disclosure information of other users to third parties for purposes of marketing / advertising that you are not allowed;

k) Have the actions beyond the limits or transfer invalid commands to the system of

l) Spreading viruses, Trojans, Worms or other harmful computer programs hindering or affecting the system, data or information of other users and / or the m) Use any robot, spider, other automatic device, or carried out manually to monitor or copy website without our permission.

m) Use of equipment and software to pass (or break) the measures that established to ensure the safety of system

n) Use of equipment and software to pass (or break) the measures that established to ensure the safety of system

o)Action losing connection / from internet service provider or other providers

p)It is strictly prohibited to use the NganLuong wallet on unauthorized gold trading activities or unauthorized foreign exchange trading.

Article 14: Disputes with 14.1. Contact

Our task is always listening, learnịg and drawing lessons for more and give you the best service at a competitive price and trying to make our customers happy by doing it better. So if there is any dispute between you and, then please contact the customer support center of by one of the following methods:

a) Call the phone number: 1900-5858-99

b) Send an email to the address:

c) Chat with support staff via the integrated chat nick on our website

d) Submit Complaint under Administration complain when you log in to your account NganLuong.

Note:  Employees working from 8h to 18h00 from Monday to Friday, Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00

14.2. Law and Court of the dispute:

You agree that all disputes between you and if otherwise resolved by agreement or negotiation between the two parties will be given a court settlement in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Republic socialist Vietnam.

14.3. Dispute which is not suitable:

All require you make to oppose will be dealt with under the provisions of Article 14 of this Agreement. The requirements and in opposition to Article 14 of this Agreement shall be treated as matters of litigation / dispute is not appropriate and is a violation of this agreement. And through the notice of on litigation issues / disputes inappropriate sent to you, you have failed to request dispute settlement with

14.4. Respect:

With all respect for our customers, we believe that the failure to resolve the dispute between you and will not affect the other work involved when you use NganLuong. VN

14.5. No guarantees

a) We do not guarantee the safety of these issues are beyond the control of

b) We do not control the products or services you purchased from sellers.

c) not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted connectivity, when you visit and use our services because depends on many factors beyond our control such as network infrastructure of internet service providers, traffic providers ...

NOTE : The NganLuong users need to be followed the agreements. If not, the users will hold legal responsibility for any illegal actions.