This policy has the version 2.1 code, is made and issued on 01/10/2012 at Ngan Luong Intermediate Payment Gateway Joint Stock Company which is the legal representative of online payment gateway.

You are a user who opened an account at, tacitly accept the contents of this policy with the following specific conditions.

Article 1: Gatherinformation collects IP addresses and website standard information such as the type of browser, the pages you visited in the course of using the service, information about the computer & network equipment etc ... for security purposes & secure transaction.

If you open an account on, we will ask you to provide honestly and accurately the following information:

+ Personal information & personal contacts (for organizations & individuals) such as name, date of birth, gender, address, phone, email, legal documents (such as ID card, business licenses, DK MST) etc …

+ Thông tin tài chính như số tài khoản ngân hàng, số thẻ ghi nợ hoặc thẻ tín dụng v.v…

Financial information such as bank account number, debit card number or credit card etc ... In some cases, we may collect additional information about you from third party such as banks, credit institutions & services billing, network service providers and so on ...

We also may collect additional information about you from various sources & by other methods to ensure the quality of service and better serve for you.

Article 2: Set Cookies

When you visit, we (or the third party is hired to track or statistic the website activity) will set some small data files called cookies on your hard drive or your computer's memory.

One of these cookies can last long to convenient for you while you're in using process, such as: save your email in login page that help you do not have to enter it again and so on ...

We will encrypt the files cookies for security, you can prohibit cookies on your browser, but this could affect the process of using NganLuong service.

Article 3: Storage & Information Protection

We store and handle your personal information on servers located in Vietnam.

We protect this information by various means of physical protection (for example, enter control to the building that was put the main server), technology (eg, firewalls, data encryption) and work process of the operating staff.

Article 4: Use of Information

Our highest goal is that providing a online payment environment that is safety, convenience, efficiency and continuous improvement . So we will use your personal information to:

+ Provide support services & customer care.

+ Make payment transactions & send messages in the transaction process.

+ Handling of complaints, charges & solve the problem.

+ Prevent the actions that may be harmful, banned or illegal and ensure policy compliance with "User Agreement".

+ Measure, customize & improve services, content and form of the website.

+ Send your the information about marketing programs, announcements & promotions.

+ Comparison of the accuracy of your personal information in the course of checking with third party.

Article 5: Share information with other users

To perform payment transactions, we must share some of your personal information to individuals or organizations that you are trading, including: contact information, date of registration, the number of successful transactions in the past, verify account status ...

+ In case you buy the product or service and pay via, in the case of need, we can provide your information to seller for delivery purpose. Sellers are not allowed to offer additional products without your agreement.

+ In case you sell a product or service and pay by, in case of need, we can provide your contact information to buyer for the transaction or complaints.

We have provided means of accepting payment via for merchants on the Internet the, so that merchants could share information about you to us, such as email address, phone number when you want to pay for them. We checked this information with user database to confirm that you are our customer or not in order that merchants can open payment via Ngan Luong mode for you.

We will not reveal your financial information to anyone unless we has agreement from you or when we are required to comply with the law or upon request from the public authorities that have authorization.

Article 6: Share information with third party

We may share or receive your personal information to / from:

The products of PeaceSoft company members (eg, ...) to provide content & collaboration services, detect & prevent behaviors that are illegal or contrary to our policies, and support these products in improving products, services and content;

Contractors contracted for our services within activity (eg, fraud prevention, marketing, technology). Our contract stipulates that the contractors are not accepted to use your personal information for purposes that are out of scope of the contract, or for their own benefit;

The companies that we tend to merger or acquisition. In that case, we will require a new legal entity comply with this privacy policy. If your personal information is used out of the scope of this policy, you will receive prior notification;

The law enforcement agencies or competent public authorities, or other third parties in the following cases:

+ There's request from the court or other similar legal proceedings;

+ We must do that to comply with the law;

+ We are cooperating with an investigation by law enforcement agencies;

+ We believe that the disclosure of your personal information is necessary to prevent the damage of physical or financial loss, to report any suspicious behavior is illegal, or investigate violate the " user agreement " policy ;

Any other third party if you're agree to share your information.

In addition to the range described above, will not sell or rent your personal information to any other third party!

Article 7: Change Information

You can change your personal information at any time of using the corresponding functions. However, we will save the altered information to combat acts of deleting traces of fraud. has rights to change this policy and is responsible for announcing to you one the website and / or email 7 days before the official application is applied.