Comprehensive payment solution for e-commerce websites

  • Varity of Payment methods
  • Interest-free installment service
  • Cross-Platform
  • Professional support

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Varity of Payment methods

Nganluong gives you and your clients the most complete payment channels, the most convenient.

  • Support Internet Banking, connect with 28 local banks.

  • Accept all international cards
    Help seller connect with bank to supply “free-interest installment payment” to buyer.

  • Making transactions via Ngân Lượng's E-wallet is exceptionally convenient to both parties. All you have to do are few simple CLICKS.

Interest-free installment service

Effective tool to increase sales 300% online

  • Customers pay for products with interest-free installment service via credit cards.

  • Seller receives 100% payment when the transfer is done

  • Applicable to payments with a minimum value of 3,000,000 vnd.

  • Contact our sale staff or call to Hotline 1900-5858-99 for start using our services

Easy integration, Quick Connection

  • Our technology allows the gateway to be integrated in common environments such as Web, WAP and Apps.
    The ability of cross-platform integration provides all merchants the opportunity to easily get paid online.

  • We provide you a detailed Integration Library (APIs, SDKs) and guidelines to walk you from A to Z.

  • Our Developers and Customer Support are always online to help you with any problem related to the integration process. Any time you have a question in your mind, feel free to ask us via our hotline 1900-5858-99 or fill in the Contact form.

Nguyễn Cẩm Huế - Technical support

  • 1900-5858-99

Lowest transaction fees

More transactions, lower costs, ongoing discount if committed high sales volume

Transaction Fee
Withdrawal fees on bank accounts
1000đ + 1% value transaction(*)
1.760đ + 1,1% value transaction (ATM )
5.500đ + 3% value transaction (visa, master )
According to the charges collected by banks(**)

(*) Default is the seller to pay, but sellers can configure fee for buyers to pay

(**) Details please refer to the fee table Here


Experience the gadget from online payment gateway in Vietnam.