Comprehensive payment gateway for
Games & Digital Content

  • Varity of Payment methods
  • Instant payment
  • Cross-Platform
  • Lowest transaction fees
  • Professional support

Online payment solution for

  • Game

  • Movies

  • Download services

  • Domain & Hosting

  • Membership

Thousands of merchants have had integrated with NganLuong and had hundreds of billion dong in transaction.

Receive money immediately

Help enterprises optimize cash flow - Increase business efficiency

Full of payment channels

FREE Integration, FREE Maintenance, FREE Withdrawal, Lowest transaction fees

  • - Accept payment with International Visa, Master, JCB cards
    - Help sellers connect with banks to launch the "0% interest installment payment" service to their customers.

  • - Support bank transfer, online payment with domestic ATM cards.
    - Linking with 28 local banks

  • - Support bank transfer, online payment with bank account via internet banking service.
    - Support 04 domestic banks: Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV, DongABank.


    - Capture QR-Code square with Mobile Banking application of Banks for easy payment without entering the amount and account number of the recipient.
    - Support 15 domestic banks.

  • - Support bank transfer at bank counter or Internet Banking to Merchant’s Nganluong account via Nganluong’s bank accounts.
    - Support 28 domestic banks

  • - Making transactions via Nganluong e-wallet is especially convenient for both sellers and buyers who complete the transaction with just a few clicks .

Easy intergration, Quick Connection

  • Our technology allows the gateway to be integrated in common environments such as Web, WAP and Apps
    The ability of cross-platform integration provides all merchants the oppotunity to easily get paid online.

  • We provide you a detailed Integration Library (APIs, SDKs) and guidelines to walk you from A to Z.

  • Our Developers and Customer Support are always online to help you with any problem related to the integration process.

Nguyễn Cẩm Huế - Technical support

  • 1900-5858-99

Lowest transaction fees

More transactions, lower costs

Group Money Maximum fee (*) Time withdraw
Ngân lượng Card & Local bank account 500đ + 5% Right now
Nganluong e-wallet
Mobile Viettel 26,50% Period of payment: T+7, .... T+1 period is applied with no VAT payment
Vinaphone 26%
MobiFone 26%
Gate 21%

(*) Continue if committed sales


Experience the gadget from online payment gateway in Vietnam.